March 23d, 2020

“…He noticed how pleasant it was to have someone to talk to instead of speaking only to himself and to the sea.”  E. Hemingway


I’ve been thinking that if I watched a movie or read a book with the plot describing the current events, I’ll dismiss it as bad script/piece of writing, or, at the very least, as implausible. It is implausible that Pope Francis gives absolution to those infected with coronavirus, it is implausible that two major earthquakes happening within one day in Europe go nearly unnoticed by the media, it is implausible that the attitude to foreigners all around the globe  has changed overnight, and now they are treated as lepers, even when they’ve been staying in that same country for months. Being a foreigner is now being directly linked to the idea of being exposed to danger in this interconnected world of globalization and no borders.

The origin of what is objectively happening – whether it’s natural, a result of human negligence or was done deliberately as per the multiple conspiracy theories flooding the Internet (which I don’t altogether dismiss) – can be discussed endlessly and yet, the current importance of that is questionable. Knowing the course right now seems far less important than the way the issue is being addressed, the way we are dealing with it.

This is a truly unprecedented situation – it’s affected or will affect Every One, in many ways. Whatever the course is, every human being is being forced to stop and ponder, and to face oneself. There Is no hiding – not in the long run, even if you feel secure – having found a refuge in the mountains or in the faraway countryside. Whichever way you react adds to the ‘collective unconscious’, molds the noosphere of the Earth, and, therefore, the general ability to constructively face and resolve the problem.

Whether religious or an atheist, spiritual or agnostic – one can’t deny the fact of duality, that there is black and white, night and day. And good and bad/evil. And the measure of the latter is one’s conscience, which is in fact understood as the presence of God within one.  So, at every given moment of time we are making that choice – between good and evil. And while we can argue and discuss the relativity of things – at the age when everything is regarded as relative (which is wonderfully described by Ken Wilber: – deep inside we Always know.

As per the chakra theory ( which goes back to the tantric science (which is a deeply spiritual teaching and has been hugely misinterpreted in the last few decades), anahata chakra – the chakra located in the heart area and portrayed as a lotus flower with 12 petals (12 strikes a chord with us and brings about a different context too) – represents the ability to give and receive unconditional love, sharing and kindness; fear, isolation, resentment and hostility are its manifestations when it’s ‘blocked’. It happens so that on a physical level the anahata chakra is represented by heart and the lungs. Incidentally, it’s the lungs that suffer the most from the COVID. Furthermore, as each chakra relates to one of the senses, the heart chakra relates to the sense of touch…

Therefore, love, kindness and sharing seem to be the best cures, even on a physical level, as opposed to fear and anger which can only multiply and spread the disease.  

So, while the problem is real, and there Is apparently real cure for it too (as researched and applied by the Chinese and the French:, each of us now has a choice and responsibility – and there is no escape. You can spread fear and panic, and hide under the bed with all the shopping for the next few months – or you can start with at least thinking -if there Is actually a difference between eating a bat or a cow. You can meditate on the respect for Life.

And whatever I said above I address to myself first and foremost. As that’s where it all starts with – with oneself.

Thank you for reading.


Anahata chakra is respresented by the green colour, the sound ‘YAM’, and lotus flower with twelve petals. The twelve petals are inscribed with the Sanskrit syllables, which stand for:

1.     Bliss

2.     Peace

3.     Harmony

4.     Love

5.     Understanding

6.     Empathy

7.     Clarity

8.     Purity

9.     Unity

10.  Compassion

11.  Kindness

12.  Forgiveness