Practical Advice or In an Attempt to Fall  Asleep

Stream of consciousness refers to the flow of thoughts in the consciousmind. The full range of thoughts that one can be aware of can form the content of this stream, not just verbal thoughts. and writing.

Stream of consciousness. The literary device, transferred from pshychology by May Sinclair and most favoured by William Faulkner. The closest ally of insomnia. It’s most challenging to silence your mind, to ‘emancipate yourself from mental slavery”. There comes a point when no longer are you the one who chooses to think and defines the direction of the process, but your mind does so at its own will and accord. And you lie there in darkness, with your eyes wide shut, and your head spinning, frantically –thinking.. Of what? Of the events of the day, planning conversations and scenarios of the past and the future, writing letters, reminiscing, thinking of what you had to do and have or haven’t done, or what you will have to do, and might not do, thinking about insomnia and feeling increasingly insomnious, thinking about thinking and not thinking…aaaaaaaaa. and all – against your will and conscious desire.

Stop thinking, stop thinking, stop thinking.. I repeat silently, in a hope to fall asleep, in a hope to reach the beseeched silence of mind so well described by Erick Fromm, the transparent clarity which highlights the essential, the very You dimmed by the immaterial thoughts’ gibberish.

There sometimes comes a point when they overflow, spilling over the paper like boiling milk, as they do now. It’s normally and naturally not worth spilling. Yet, I hope this is a case where a pained advice might come handy to you.

I know a secret. I found the key. Hold your breath and try not to think for a moment…imagine, being able to do so for much longer than that?  I know the way.

A tongue twister.

Choose a phrase which should be challenging, not long, two words is enough, but an effort to pronounce.

It’s akin to physical exercise – you have to implore force. It’s still ever challenging as the subject matter is imperceptible. If the choice of your words is too weak, you’ll soon be taken back, every effort will be forlorn.

Good old sheep counting is a fab – it’s monotonous and easily ignored, the very lullabying tune thereof seems to set the words wild breaking in as vehemently as a mountain river current.  Sheep are not resilient enough to withstand the flood.

It’s got to be a proper big, bold lettered monolith, charged with energy and resentment…

Stop thinking, stop thinking, stop thinking is shouldering its way through the clamour, to the realms of peaceful dreams.  – ENJOY.