Setting On a Russian Language Journey

Teaching Russian as  a Foreign Language


Learning any foreign language undeniably takes time and effort, however, it does not have to be tedious, whether you study it for business purposes or because you have always dreamt of reading your favorite author in the original.


Learning a language is not simply learning words and the way they work together; it is also about understanding the mentality of the people speaking it and all its manifestations.


Learning/teaching a language is a bilateral process, it is an interaction and an exchange. It is a fascinating journey for both, the teacher and the student; and I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge and introducing people to my culture via teaching a language discipline.  


Whether a beginner or someone who already possesses a certain level of Russian, I promise you that this learning experience will be most agreeable, immersing you in the Russian geography, literature, art, music, cinematography through the prism of the language.


I use a wealth of online resources and e-books to enhance the learning process.

My approach and choice of methodology is always individual, based on your personal objectives and the current language level.


Please, contact me for a free trial lesson.


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