Accurate translations. No need for further proofreading. Always on time. 


Editing & Proofreading

Do not take the risk of publishing a document that may not be ready and verified as 100% accurate. I will make sure that you have the most accurate, consistent, and grammatically correct translation possible.



I will consult and assist you with localizing your product in a new cultural environment. When localizing a text, I take everything into account: politics, society, education, language, technology and more. At the time of globalization your website is becoming your most valuable marketing tool. I will make sure that it is not only accurately translated but also professionally converted from addressing one audience to addressing a completely different one, i.e. adpated to its new market culture, with respect to fonts, numerals, punctuation differences, etc.


Brand research

Brand research is of paramount importance as a message that works in one culture may sound very different, insulting or otherwise inappropriate in another. I suggest companies that plan to expand into foreign countries to use brand checking services to examine company logos, brands and product names for acceptability in the targeted countries of the business.


Interpreting (consecutive/phone/Skype)

I am prepared to assist you at business meetings and conferences.



I can write a website or a marketing brochure for you. I think about what content/marketing text you need, who it is for and what you need to say so you get the maximum impact from your website or a marketing brochure.