My love for you is a long-term affair.

It started as a romance. My first love was your citizen and those three platonically pure, romantic days at the age of 17 have stayed imprinted in my heart forever and set the mode for my future path, in many ways.

I’ve visited you since, at different seasons. Every time I found you more beautiful, with each season highlighting a different colour of your splendid soul. I come rarely, but our connection is stronger than time, it lasts and has deepened and evolved over the years, the way genuine love does.

You’ve permeated me, and I – you, for that truly can only be mutual. The places you reveal to me, the people you introduce into my life – I feel your love, I feel your care.

Your bridges are connecting the parts of me towards my own integrity. Your monumental spirituality and exquisite aestheticism take my breath away, your liberating vastness is purifying. When with you, I can hear my own heartbeat, it tunes in with yours, the timeless heartbeat of the Neva river, your past, your present and your future. It’s endlessly comforting to know that you are. Wherever I am.

Saint Petersburg, you are my life-long romance.


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