Nota Bene



Indifferent, bored people shall be avoided. Should such encounter be inescapable, they shall be kept an eye on and treated with the utmost caution. These are the people whose silence entails horrendous doings. These are the people who pretend to be alive while they are more dead than a deadman, more – for the fact that their full-fledged body emphasizes the morbidity of the internal decay; outlines and highlights it to those who are lucky to tell them from the crowd. As those people are dangerous in their disguise. They are the masters of chamelionship. They appear witty and smart, crack jokes incessantly – seemingly springing from self-irony, they might even feel sentimental to you. But worst of all, they draw those who are most alive. These poor souls are attracted by the dead men like moths are by the light. And unavoidably they break their heads/hearts/wings and whatever they have which is fragile against the …well, against the semblance of existence. “Break” is a figure of speech – squared, in this case. As they stagger upon the void. Like someone leaning on a scenery wall not aware of it being scenery, leaning with all the trust you put in this wall to hold you, and flabbergasted when falling –not by the mere fall but by the fakeness of the construction. 

Be cautious of indifferent people. You can never tell how deep the abyss is.

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