To see a World in a Grain of Sand

And a Heaven in a Wild Flower… (William Blake)



What incredible treasure – Life is. “In my twenties, I felt that the entire life was ahead of me, that everything was possible and I was living on an inhale. That feeling’s gone now,” tells me a beautiful middle-aged woman.

I am watching the tall blue Moscow sky that took me aback with its vastness after what seems like a lifetime I spent away – a minute ago it poured down with rain. And I feel and know it clearly that while I’m alive – I live on an inhale.


Look for, stay in touch with those who carry kindness, and love to give and are capable of both, giving and receiving – with joy and gratitude, who are sensitive to the beauty of the mundane, who know what’s most important to know and who live that way.

And though my eyes pour down with rain today just as this endless sky did a moment ago, my heart knows that as long as there’s a chance to see the rainbow – I have it all.


I’m walking dancing

I’m dancing walking

Over the clouds

Deep and subtle

They are

So am I

Deep and subtle

Deep and subtle

Deep and subtle

They float, I fly