…is the closest music can get to embodying a human being. It may seem chaotic, yet there’s always a pattern to this chaos. Now and then one instrument is overtaken, replaced by another. Sometimes they enter into a dispute, and then you can hear voices presenting the reasoning – two saxophones conversing, two egos, giving way to a deep, dense, and wise cello, fading away to the piano chords, light and subtle.
It can cry and laugh, be sad, melancholic and bounce around joyfully –all within one music story, more over – within one moment… Just like you and me.


Whenever I am back home, to Moscow, I always take a chance to go and see this exceptional person… I’ve been to many jazz performances all around the world but I’ve never seen anyone who could compare to him – not in dexterity, but in dedication, totality and completeness. He’s been around for a while, since the 50s, he precedes each piece with an introduction – about the music which is to follow, the genre, the composer, the historic background. Knowledge and respect are behind each note. Once he touches the saxophone there is no longer an instrument and a man; they are one. There is no reservation, it’s complete full-heartedness – unconditional love, if you please, backed by the in-depth knowledge and dozens of years of work or call it practice. There is the energy and fire of the youth. He is turning 85 this year. Meet Alexey Kozlov… I’m grateful to be able to witness such prominent presence.