‘Just your imagination?’
Of course it’s your imagination!
This world is your imagination.
Have you forgotten?…
Richard Bach


She is a star in her own little universe…
Stretching on the sun-crusted sand I’m watching a girl splashing in the sea. She is a little rolley-polley in a luminescent orange swim suit with the matching green goggles. Her breasts are still hardly traceable, yet she keeps attaching the bra back to the place where it’s supposed to be, already fully conscious of her femininity. She is close to the shore, with the water coming up to her waist, and she keeps spinning herself around in little saltos. As she plunges in, heading towards the seabed, her little plump legs stick out and spread apart with the toes intensely directing downwards. The picture triggers some “anchor” in my mind and brings about a weird association with American chicken legs know as “Bush” legs so popular in the post-soviet 90s when everything related to America was welcomed, and even scruffy blue chickens infesting the counters were rejoiced at. Now and then she doesn’t manage to finish the full circle, and then for a second or two her little feet flatter spasmodically above the water surface till she regains the balance and goes back to the upright position. As she does so, she spreads her arms aside over the water as a circus artist just finishing a fascinating trick. She is a marvel in her little funny attempts at generating beauty and in her utter confidence in doing so. She keeps on doing it again and again, only existent in her own magical world full of lights directed at her. She is a Star requiring no spectators. They are all there – visible to her alone and sufficient in that restricted visibility. Isn’t it wonderful to be a child when the only real thing is the one which is in your mind, and Everything is possible.