What a beautiful night. The soft lapping of the sea, the lights of the distant houses reflecting and flickering on the mirror-like impeccably tranquil surface of the water, competing with the stars dotting the sky in a breathtaking density, the mellow sounds of Cuban samba caressing the ear and making one feel like moving to its provocative and languid, desire saturated rhythm.  A yacht came to a halt nearby, happy in the beseeched quietness, yet watching the horizon longingly, dreaming of distant perturbed waters.

She’s sitting on the edge of the dock, absorbing, soaking in all its beauty. He’s on her mind, always, had been even before they met. That’s where her heart is, with him, and the surrounding beauty augments the emptiness. Her entire self is yearning to be filled in, caressed, and quenched by one, the only one.  

It all softly whispers His name…