Remember Your Dreams.

A Tribute to Green Culture Festival (http://www.greenculture.world)


‘Never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.’

John Donne


‘We are symptomatic of the scheme of things as the apples are symptomatic of the apple tree or the rose of the rose bush.’

Alan Watts 


Ada Boyana… As any border place, the edge of the country, the edge of the land, wild and free, it holds special energy and attracts special people. One couldn’t have chosen a better place to hold an event meant to change the world, literally so. I was taken by all those inspired and inspiring people, knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge, acting and giving impetus to act. Each in their own way, many a time bordering on reality and magic…


Nicola Peel, with her dazzling deep blue eyes – as if reflecting the sky and reminding of the oceans that need protecting – a solitionologis, the title she attributed to herself, is indeed the best way to describe her.  A 20-minute presentation each moment of which is an invitation to action, a practical solution, of what she’s been doing and what each of us can do, is capable of, here and now. A woman who ventured on a life-long journey of actively changing this world, who with her own hands buitl water filtering systems for 25 families in the forests of the Amazon, a woman who built the first ecological restaurant there from 3,200 eco-bricks made of the garbage she’d collected previously with the locals; a woman who wakes up each morning and walks the long strand of the Ada Boyana beach collecting litter – she is all about actio, she was referred to as a ‘Force for Nature’, and I’d say she is a ‘Force Of Nature’. She sets a beautiful example for everyone she meets on her way.


Leon Aarts. A man who takes responsibility as an adult and feels this world as a child. The Alchemist… his meals are made of flowers and rainbows, of joy and love and compassion. Those vegetarian delicacies fill our souls with trust and willingness to share. And so we do. We tell the stories of our ancestors to each other. He reveals a simple yet invaluable truth to us – the number of people it took for us to be here today – it is a seven-digit number. With his modest and quiet airs, he makes us feel a surge of gratitude to all the ancestors and those who are present, to Life….and if only one spends a minute of their day remembering this simple fact, it alone can do miracles. Leon puts as much love into cooking for a group of 10 as for the 9,000 of refugees he provided food to weekly in Calais.  He teaches us that there’s no limit to love, and the more you give, the more you have and are capable of giving. 

It’s most challenging to talk of serious matters with a smile. And that’s what Gabriela Sosa does as she takes us on a journey with her.  I’ve smiled all the way watching her performance – a less than one hour play on politics, environment, love and one’s own ambitions. So personal, artistic, light-hearted, playful, intelligent and entertaining – she brings to your attention the issues which need to be faced. The meaning of art has always caused disputes, yet I’d side with those who believe that art is to move one’s heart and mind, to reflect the reality in a way that makes people feel compassion, love and aspiration to be proactive. 

The healing mission of art is so well demonstrated by Stephanie and her friend – who work wonders every day, performing their magical play for the hospital patients, adults and children alike. A beautiful play staged by two ladies, like fragile fairies,  dancing their way around the chairs, sailing their little paper boats on the imaginary sea, a metaphor of one’s life…creating a fairy world for that time being, distracting one from their pains and fears, giving hope.

Patricia Pobric. She must be the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. What she does is invaluable. She educates the youth, but not in theory, she teaches them to respect and love this planet in action, ‘in the field’. I watched those young 18-year olds, and my heart was going out to them  – beautiful, integrate, healthy, humorous and unaware of the ‘seriousness’ of their mission, simply doing what needs to be done; taking this life for what it is – a game, an enticing journey. 

My love and gratitude to all, to Karl – who voices the nature to us and teaches us to look at where we step –as every blade of grass holds a story to tell, to radiant, sunny Chelsey, who sets a wonderful example of a right start to this life, to RaoulValerio Bianchi who teaches us how to be conscious in quenching our thirst for travel and Alia Al Zougbi with her fairy tales which speak directly to our subconscious – to everyone who feels personal about the future. 

Quietly, she stayed behind the scenes, yet, she is the one who made it all possible, who found and brought those wonderful people together… Thank you, Vesna, for making it happen. 

According to the Gumilev’s theory of passionarity, these are individuals who bring about a cchange and make history. Yet, ‘no man is an island entire of itself’, said John Donne.

The synergy effect of the energy of the like-minded, planet-loving and proactive people is undeniable. May the wild winds of Ada Boyana spread around and plant the seeds of consciousness and oneness with Nature in people’s minds. 

‘They remind me of who I am… Hear my wish to collaborate with all the musicians of nature’s orchestra. I want to see through the eye of an elephant, I want to join the dance that has no steps. I want to become the dance.

Remember your dreams, remember your dreams, remember….’

Gregory Colbert, Ashes and Snow