Brand Research


Companies that plan to expand into foreign countries use brand checking services to examine company logos, brands and product names for acceptability in the targeted countries of the business.A message that works in one culture may sound very different in another. Translation puts your words into another language, but you also need to think about how they’ll come across. Your brand name may be a failure in another country for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • The brand name you selected is already in use
  • The brand name has an inappropriate meaning or brings about negative, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate associations in the target language
  • The brand name is difficult to pronounce in the target language
  • The brand name does not translate well or is vocally disagreeable when transliterated into the target language


Therefore, it is highly advisable to make sure your brand name is unique and sounds agreeable to the target audience, before going live in the country in question.


I can conduct a linguistic research for you single-handedly or prepare and submit a questionnaire to a team of in-country linguists who possess in-depth knowledge of the relevant culture, then analyze their answers and submit the results to you accordingly. I can use a standard questionnaire or customize it according to the needs of your company. 


Please, contact me for further information on brand analysis.